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 Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC) is a citizen sector organisation established in 2003. We are driven by the desire to have a more transparent and accountable government as well as citizens empowered to actively participate in governance processes. Our programs and activities are formulated in a manner intended to drive institutional and behavioral change.

PPDC pioneered procurement and contract monitoring activities in Nigeria using the FOI Act as a tool to source relevant procurement data from public institutions and continues to do so.  To minimize the challenges of citizen’s access to procurement data, Budeshi platform was created. It serves as a hub for citizens to access procurement data in digital and easy-to-use formats. It has grown to consist of over 10,000 datasets.

We successfully advocated for the adoption of the Open Contracting Data Standards (OCDS) and currently lead the charge in demanding its full implementation in states. Through our consistent targeted approach, over 10 states have signed up to the partnership.

As part of our diverse methodology to achieve our goal, Homevida initiative was conceived to target young scriptwriters and filmmakers. The aim is to influence the content of Nigerian filmmaking with integrity values while providing incentives. Digital Inclusion and Safer Internet (DISI) focuses on promoting access to digital technology in a way that preserves safety and freedom on the internet.

We collaborate with local partners to provide pathways for citizens to participate in Governance at all levels using tech tools. We carry out cutting edge research, data mining, analysis, and visualizations coupled with extensive communications experience.