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by | Jun 5, 2024 | Job Vacancy

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The Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC) is seeking dedicated Youth
corps members undertaking the mandatory One-year National Youth Service Corp
in the FCT interested in Social Justice to support the Reforming Pre-Trial Detention
Project in Nigeria Phase II. The aim is to provide legal representation to detainees in
custody across the different police divisions under the Police Duty Solicitor Scheme
within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

1. Male or Female Youth Corp Member Only
2. Eligible applicant(s) must have completed their Bar examinations and be
officially called to the Nigerian bar.
3. Be willing to carry out their primary assignment during their service year at

1. Provide legal representation and advice to detainees in police custody.
2. Work closely with the PPDC team to advocate for the rights of detainees.
3. Reduce the number of pretrial detainees in the FCT
4. Assist in the implementation of legal strategies aimed at reforming pre-trial
detention practices.
5. Conduct legal research and documentations related to cases and the
broader reform project.