PPDC To Equip Legal Professionals for Pro Bono Service

by | May 22, 2024 | Press Release

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Abuja, Nigeria— May 8th, 2024— The Public and Private Development Centre’s ongoing Reforming Pre-Trial Detention in Nigeria (RPDN) Phase II Project is set to host a pro bono conference and training program aimed at empowering lawyers and law clinicians with the essential skills and knowledge to provide pro bono legal aid for pretrial detainees in Nigeria.

The conference seeks to equip legal professionals with the rudiments of pro bono services, including ethics of legal representation, rules of professional conduct, and other necessary skills, knowledge, and values crucial for effective pro bono legal aid provision.

Scheduled to take place over three days, the training will commence with a conference on day one, positioning the RPDN Phase II Project as a key leader in promoting Access to Justice through the utilization of pro bono legal services and Law Clinics in Nigeria. This conference will provide a platform for a general conversation on the importance of pro bono services in the Nigerian legal landscape.

Days two and three will feature technical sessions led by experts in the field, focusing on the specific roles of pro bono lawyers, law clinicians, and the project itself. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of PPDC’s A2J Programs and will be equipped with the necessary tools to effectively represent the target number of pretrial detainees.

The training conference is expected to bring together legal professionals, academics, and stakeholders in the justice sector, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing towards the advancement of pro bono legal services in Nigeria.

Signed, Nnenna Eze

Communications Manager,

Public and Private Development Centre.