Public and Private Development Center Condemns Arrest and Detention of Journalist Daniel Ojukwu

by | May 22, 2024 | Press Release

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Abuja, Nigeria— May 7th, 2024—The Public and Private Development Center (PPDC) strongly condemns the recent arrest and detention of Daniel Ojukwu, a reporter with the Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ). Ojukwu’s detention is a violation of press freedom and stands as a threat to the fundamental democratic principles of transparency and accountability.

Daniel Ojukwu was arrested for carrying out an investigative report. His detention undermines the vital role of journalists in holding the government accountable and providing the public with crucial information.

According to the Administration of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA) 2015. Section 35(4), a person arrested should be released within 48 hours if not charged with a crime. However, Daniel Ojukwu remains detained since his arrest on May 1st, 2024, without formal charges being brought against him, raising serious concerns about due process and the potential abuse of power by the authorities.

PPDC asserts that the press plays a crucial role in ensuring the transparency and accountability of governments, especially with public funds. Journalists like Daniel Ojukwu are instrumental in uncovering corruption, abuse of power, and other wrongdoings that impact society.

The freedom of the press is a cornerstone of any democratic society. Without a free press, citizens are deprived of the information they need to make informed decisions and hold their leaders accountable.

PPDC calls for the immediate release of Daniel Ojukwu and urges the authorities to respect the rights of journalists to carry out their work without fear of intimidation or persecution.

Furthermore, we call on the Nigerian government to uphold its commitments to press freedom, as enshrined in international agreements and the Nigerian Constitution. The protection of journalists and the freedom of the press are essential for democracy.

PPDC stands in solidarity with Daniel Ojukwu, his family, and all journalists who courageously pursue the truth despite the risks they face. We will continue to advocate for press freedom and the protection of journalists’ rights in Nigeria and beyond.

Jubril Shittu,

Chief Executive Officer

The Public and Private Development Centre